Terms and Conditions
    You Must Read Before You Place A Bid or Consign on this Auction Site

The Bucking Stock Exchange is not an Auction Service. Although we are referred to as an “Online Auction” web site it is important
to realize that we are not a traditional "auctioneer." Instead, The Bucking Stock Exchange acts as a venue to allow rodeo stock
breeders to buy and sell rodeo stock in an auction-style format commonly referred to as "online auctions" or "auction." We are not
involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. As a result, we have no control over the quality, health, the truth or
accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to pay for items. We cannot ensure that a buyer or
seller will actually complete a transaction. Consequently, we do not transfer legal ownership of an item from the seller to the buyer;
all transactions are made between the seller and the highest bidder at the close of the auction.

Consignor Terms and Conditions:

Consignment Fees:
The Consignor must pay $25 per lot for consignment fees, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Sales consisting of over 20 head may be subject to different fees and options. Contact The Bucking Stock Exchange for more
information or options.
The Bucking Stock Exchange will collect information on the consignment and open it up for bidding during the dates agreed upon
with the consignor.
The Consignor may place a reserve on their lot(s).
The Consignor has the right to lower the reserve, at any time before the close date of the auction.
The Consignor understands and agrees that once a bid is listed as meeting or exceeding the consignor’s reserve, the consignor
must sell the lot to the highest bidder.
If the reserve is not met you have the option to re-consign or sell to the highest bidder. If for any reason a successful bidder defaults
on a sale where the reserve is met, the Consignor may request The Bucking Stock Exchange to contact the second high bidder to
sell that lot to him/her on his bid.
Administration Fees.
All lots that meet reserve will be totaled and a 5% fee of the total sales will be charged to the Consignor. The  consignor agrees to
pay The Bucking Stock Exchange for its services within 10 business days of payment from the buyer. If the buyer does not pay, the
consignor is not responsible for paying The Bucking Stock Exchange.
Lots that DO NOT meet reserve, the Consignor owes The Bucking Stock Exchange no further fees.

The Bucking Stock Exchange will contact the highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction and ask that the highest bidder/buyer to
contact the consignor to finalize the transaction and arrange for delivery. However, consignor is responsible for finalizing the
transaction, receiving payment, making arrangements for delivery of the lot, and transferring ownership papers if the lot is
registered. The failure of the consignor to transfer the ownership papers of a registered lot within 45 days of the receipt of payment
of the lot (and the cost to transfer the lot) may result in the buyer cancelling the transaction, in which case the consignor must refund
the buyer the purchase price.

Semen/Embryo Lots:  Semen and Embryo lots there is NO admin fees or commission. The consignor only pays consignment fees
per lot. If a Consignor has more than 10 lots listed at one time, a discount will be given to them on the consignment fees. Contact us
for more information or options.
The Consignor must release the semen and or embryo lots to the buyer, within 3 days from the time payment has been received.

By consigning on The Bucking Stock Exchange you are stating that the animal consigned is in good health, and that the breeding is
as advertised. If the animal received is in poor health, or the DNA does not come back as advertised from a reputable registry
service, you are required to give the buyer a full refund and you will not be refunded any payments to The Bucking Stock Exchange
for use of our services.
Failure to issue a refund will result in  you losing your right to sell or buy using our service and any payments made to The Bucking
Stock Exchange for the use of our services as a seller will not be refunded.
You agree to the above Consignors Terms and Conditions for The Bucking Stock Exchange.

Bidder Terms and Conditions

bid unless you are able and intend to pay for the lot and take delivery as noted in the consignment. If you are the highest
bidder and do not pay for the lot and/or make arrangements for delivery as noted by the consignor, your privilege to consign, bid, or
buy lots on The Bucking Stock Exchange will be suspended as determined by The Bucking Stock Exchange, and you may be liable
for damages to the consignor. Once you bid, you cannot withdraw your bid.

If you make a bid by mistake, such as a typo or otherwise, you must notify The Bucking Stock Exchange immediately by phone at
214-606-2452, so that the mistake can be corrected while the auction is ongoing. If you are unable to reach The Bucking Stock
Exchange, immediately contact the consignor to notify him/her of the mistake.

Bidders Must be 18 Years or Older to Bid on this Auction Unless they have been Approved by the Parents.

All bids are to be placed using United States dollars. If your bid does not meet the reserve, you are not obligated to purchase the
lot. If your bid meets the reserve and you are the highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction, you are the buyer and are required
to finalize the transaction with the consignor.
All payments are in United States dollars.
Payments to the Consignor(Seller) from the winning bidder are due 10 days from the Close of the Auction.
Bidder (buyer).
The successful bidder will be contacted by e-mail or phone following the end of the bidding by The Bucking Stock Exchange.  The
winning bidder will contact the seller to arrange for payment and transportation..
Buyer is Responsible for Contacting Seller within 24 Hours of the Sale.

Semen/Embryo Lots: The buyer must transfer semen and or embryos to their storage facility, within 30 days from the time the
Consignor has received payment.
Buyer is responsible for Shipping and Handling.

The Bids will end at the scheduled time 9:00 pm CST Central Standard Time, unless there is active bidding from two or more
buyers; therefore bidding will continue in increments of 5 minutes (from the scheduled end time) until the bidding has stopped. At
that time the sale will be final.

For example: The initial close time is 9:00 pm CST. If a bid is placed within 5 minutes of the closing time (8:55 pm CST to 9:00 pm
CST) additional minutes will be added to the close time making the new closing time increased. This will continue until there are no
bids placed within 5 minutes of the closing time. Example: A bid is placed at 8:57 pm CST - the closing time then changes to 9:05
pm CST.

Be sure to watch the exact Closing Time update on the lot listings during active bidding at closing.

Bidders are agreeing to the Bidders Terms and Conditions when they place a bid.

The Bucking Stock Exchange reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

While bidding if you have a technical or computer problem, contact The Bucking Stock Exchange

Finally, our goal is to provide a service that will provide Consignors ( Sellers) and Bidders (Buyers) with a happy buying and selling
experience. At any time if you have questions, please feel fee to contact us. Happy Bidding.
Terms and Conditions
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