PPR 541
ABBI#  10103322
3217 Cornell Ave.
Big Spring, TX 79720
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
Stand Up CP 47
ABBI# 10002335
CP 114-10
ABBI# 10007095
GRC W145
ABBI#  10010856
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
MO 69
ABBI#  10002906
Lot bsx_fem09
Auction Closes: Monday September 16th, 2019 @ 9pm CST

If a bid is placed within the 5 minutes of the close time the bidding will
continue and the lot will not close until 5 minutes after the last bid is placed.

If  you have questions about this lot, please contact the Consignor.

Payment must be received within 10 days of the close of the auction,
UNLESS other payment arrangements are made with the Consignor.

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

Consigned by:
Jason Bennett
Phone: 817-366-8602
GB 134 Wolf Top, Pasture Exposed
715 Copper Top X Kish's Wolfman
ABBI#  10135029    DOB:   1/22/2011    
She is sired by Copper Top, PBR Finals Bull and producing sire. He is a son of the proven producer, A6!
The paternal grand dam is Page 415-199, Page Breeding.
Copper Top is also the sire to:
221 Hit & Run, PBR Finals Bull
215 Rattler PBR Finals Bull
T18 Chance PBR Finals Bull

Her dam is Mo Betta 1, a daughter of the legendary Kish's Wolfman! He has too many sons to begin to list
them all.
He is sire to:
120 Shake Rattle & Roll, NFR/PBR Finals Bull
21 Say La Vee, PBR Finals Bull
809 Wildside, PBR/NFR Finals Bull
Just to mention some of his many sons with stat.
This cow has nothing but great proven genetics in her pedigree!

She is selling Pasture Exposed to:

656 Cruz Fire
ABBI#  10195327
Sire:  284B Cruz
ABBI#  10147127
001 Tuned In X 846 Brownie (701 Rodeo Daughter)

Dam: Crossfire on Top
ABBI#  10031137
Crossfire Hurricane X 250-158 ( 715 Copper Top Daughter)

He is sired by Cruz  a son of Tuned In. Tuned in is a son of Mossy Oak Mudslinger, PBR World Champion Bucking
Bull and proven sire. Cruz In's dam, Brownie, is a daughter of 701 Rodeo. Rodeo is a son of #14 Chaos, PBR Finals
Bull, his dam is a daughter of Spook.
Rodeo has several sons with Probull Stats.
Poker Face, NFR/PBR Finals Bull, one of his sons.
Tuned In also has 3 sons with Probull Stats.
His dam, Crossfire on Top, is a daughter of Crossfire Hurricane, PBR/NFR Finals Bull and proven sire. The maternal
grand dam, 250-158 is a daughter of Copper Top, PBR/NFR Finals Bull.

JB 77
ABBI# 10206744
Sire: Andrews 913
ABBI# 10098196
Bo's Excuse X B&B 505 ( Yellow Jacket daughter)

Dam: Gorrilla Coat
ABBI# 10162449
C510 Vanilla Gorilla X JB Highlights ( White Sports Coat Daughter)

He is sired by Andrews 913, a son of
Bo's Excuse, PBR/NFR Finals Bull. He is a son of the legendary Bodacious! Bo's
Excuse has several sons with Probull stats.
The paternal grand dam is a daughter of
Yellow Jacket PRCA BBOYand PBR Finals Bull. He is the sire to Little
Yellow Jacket, PBR World Champion Bucking Bull.
His dam is a daughter of Vanilla Gorilla, a West Coast Charlie son. The maternal grand dam is a daughter of White
Sports Coat.

JB 127
ABBI#  10206746
Sire: 503 Blow the Whistle
ABBI#  10159533
RT101 G (Commotion 327) X Quick Deer ( Quick Turnaround daughter)

JB 114 Suspect
ABBI#  10171711
712 Mask X 748 Really Blended (812 Blenderhead daughter)

He is sired by Blow the Whistle , a son of RT101G, sired by PBR Finals Bull Commotion 327.
The paternal grand dam is Quick Deer, a daughter of Quick Turnaround, a son of Houdini 329 and his dam is a Black
Powder Skoal daughter.
His dam, Suspect is a daughter of Mask, a son of Houdini 329. The maternal grand dam, Really Blended is a daughter
Blenderhead NFR Finals Bull.

Location: Honey Grove, TX
GB 134 Wolf Top
ABBI#  10135029
715 Copper Top
ABBI#   10006046
Mo Betta 1
ABBI#   10010018
Marcia Bennett
DOB:  1/22/2011  
ABBI#  10006045
Page 415-199
ABBI#  10011690
Kish's Wolfman
ABBI#  10002288
Frey Breeding
Naccarato Breeding
Naccarato Breeding
Page Breeding
Page Breeding
Oscar Lines
Oscar Lines
Copper Top
FULL Brother to Cruz Fire
715 Copper Top
A 2 Yr of this cow, His 2nd trip