PPR 541
ABBI#  10103322
3217 Cornell Ave.
Big Spring, TX 79720
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
Stand Up CP 47
ABBI# 10002335
CP 114-10
ABBI# 10007095
GRC W145
ABBI#  10010856
Marcia Bennett
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
MO 69
ABBI#  10002906
Lot bsx_RMR01
Auction Closes: Monday May 25th @ 9pm CST

If a bid is placed within the 5 minutes of the close time the bidding will
continue and the lot will not close until 5 minutes after the last bid is placed.

If  you have questions about this lot, please contact the Consignor.

Payment must be received within 10 days of the close of the auction,
UNLESS other payment arrangements are made with the Consignor.

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

Rocky Mountain Rodeo
Phone: 307-334-2880
Yearling Heifer
Heifer #17
The sire to this heifer is one of 5 Sires listed below.

Her dam is Southwick 29,
a daughter of Red Zinger. He is from our program.
The maternal grand dam, Southwick X8, her sire is Wyche Breeding, her dam is Southwick -142, she
is a F11 Mighty Whitey daughter.

Consignor Note: This heifer Has tons of kick and intensity and is made as good as
you could want one.

Location: Lusk, WY
Heifer #17
Possible Sires listed
Wyche Breeding
Southwick -142
ABBI#   10018028
101 Red Zinger
ABBI# 10107449
Southwick X8
ABBI#   10017991
Southwick 29
ABBI#  10228247
Southwick Breeding
Southwick Breeding
Southwick 810
ABBI#  10090273

Sire: Hargis 54 Up in Smoke
ABBI#  10014930
Gunslinger X 344 Smokin Hot (Panhandle Slim

Dam: Mosley 615
ABBI#  10041313
Southwick A103 X  Southwick X28 (F11 Mighty
Whitey daughter)
Southwick 41
ABBI# 10228386

Sire: Rafter D #2259
ABBI#  10093635
Hargis 54 Up in Smoke X Rafter D 2267 (625 Outlaw daughter)

Dam:  Not Available
Rafter D 195
ABBI#  10185874

Sire:  Refried Howdy
ABBI#  10128943
Not Available X Hart 415 (03 Life of the Party

Dam: Rafter D #A133
ABBI#  10160497
Rafter D 500 X  Rafter D A111 Sea Biscuit
(White Out daughter)
Rafter D 295
ABBI#  10185878

Sire:  Refried Howdy
ABBI#  10128943
Not Available X Hart 415 (03 Life of the Party

Dam: Rafter D #A283
ABBI#  10160499
Neon Nights X Rafter D V215A (White Out daughter)
232 Chocolate Fudge
ABBI#  10228245

Sire: Red Zinger
ABBI#  10107449
Southwick Breeding

Dam: Southwick 914
ABBI#  10107438
Hamburger X Southwick 635 (Strawberry Guns
Possible Sires to this Heifer
ABBI#  10132132

Sire:  Camo, 5'Xs PBR Finals Bull
ABBI#   10046453
Mr. P X Davidson D71C ( Davidson Breeding)

Dam: #773
ABBI#   10060718
BW 62/1 X Tinnie (770 Double Shot daughter)