3217 Cornell Ave.
Big Spring, TX 79720
Marcia Bennett
Lot bsx_Pet08

She is sired by: Shepherd Hills Sod Buster
4Xs FINALS bull, scored as HIGH as 48 pts, 77 ATTEMPTS only RIDDEN 9 Times!
He is sired by the proven producer, Scream, a son of another proven producer, Backlash!
His dam is a daughter of Hotel California, PBR Finals Bull and another Proven Producer!

Her dam, is a daughter of PPR Master Shi Fu. He is a son of Houdini 329, the number one
producing sire in the industry! The paternal grand dam is GRC W145, a daughter of
Whitewater Skoal NFR/PBR Finals Bull and a producer!
She has several sons with Probull stats.
The dam is PPR 240 a daughter of GDY 390, a son of Hargis 54 Up In Smoke, who is a son
of Champion Bucking Bull, Gunslinger! Up in Smoke's dam is a daughter of PBR World
Champion Bucking Bull, Panhandle Slim.
PPR 240's dam is GLC 467, a daughter of Cooper's Comet,  a son of Rooster.
He is the sire to:
ABBI Futurity Champion and NFR Finals Bull
Comet's Gold
NFR Finals Bull, Comet's Surprise
82 Dos Amigos, NFR Finals Bull
to mention a few of his many sons with stats

She is Pasture Exposed to the 5 bulls listed below for a 2021 calf, from June
17th, 2020 to present.

Located, Velva, ND
Transportation May be Possible
Yearling Heifer, Pasture Exposed
PPR Chance 91
Shepherd Hills Sod Buster X Master Shi Fu
ABBI#  10234699    DOB:    2/25/2019  
Auction Closes: Monday August 3rd 2020 @ 9pm CST

If a bid is placed within the 5 minutes of the close time the bidding will
continue and the lot will not close until 5 minutes after the last bid is placed.

If  you have questions about this lot, please contact the Consignor.

Payment must be received within 10 days of the close of the auction,
UNLESS other payment arrangements are made with the Consignor.

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

Consigned by:
Mark Peterson
Phone: 701-240-3535 Cell
Zac Peterson: 701-578-5315
PPR 909 North Side
FULL Brother to Smooth Gangster
ABBI#     10230469

Sire: 977  Canadian Gangster
ABBI#  10099660
High 007 Yippy High Yea X #737

Dam: Z9/20 Sara Smile
ABBI#   10143615
136/4-321 Silver Wings X Davis Rodeo Ranch 920 ( Smooth Move Daughter)
PPR Wreck It Ralph
ABBI#  10230465

Sire: 718 Rango PBR Finals Bull      
ABBI#  10059819
Playboy Skoal X CPR Candess

Dam A18 Money Girl ( More Big Bucks Sister)
ABBI#  10158523
More Bucks X Sugar Bucks (daughter of Big Bucks)
911 PPR Big Hitter
FULL Brother to A61 Switch Hitter PBR Finals Bull
ABBI#    10230470

Sire: Mossy Oak Mudslinger PBR World Champion Bucking Bull
ABBI#    10006047
Page 01 X Page Page 590-228

Dam: Page U85
ABBI#   10068073
Page 347 Crazy Train X MB 535 ( Hotel California daughter)
PPR 912 Dialed In
ABBI#   10230471

Sire: 08 Margy Time
ABBI#   1012426
8009 Showtime X Page 05-106 (Western Wishes daughter)

Dam: PPR 645 Izzy
ABBI#   10191783
Western Wishes X PPR 785 Blue ( Bushwacker daughter)
PPR 918  PPR Armed and Dangerous
ABBI#    10230474

Sire: 08 Margy Time
ABBI#   1012426
8009 Showtime X Page 05-106 (Western Wishes daughter)

Dam: 06/d Fire-Showgirl
ABBI#  10199299
61 W Fire Show X Page 6z (Surefire daughter)
PPR 541
ABBI#  10103322
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
Stand Up CP 47
ABBI# 10002335
CP 114-10
ABBI# 10007095
GRC W145
ABBI#  10010856
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
MO 69
ABBI#  10002906
PPR Chance 91
ABBI#  10234699
PPR Master Shi Fu
ABBI#  10171480
PPR 240
ABBI#  10155884
PPR Ahnna
ABBI#  10192995
Shepherd Hills Sod
ABBI#  10048426
#33 Scream
ABBI# 10023065
Hotel Lala
ABBI# 10022020
#36 Backlash
ABBI# 10011599
Page 13-1
ABBI# 10008404
#22 Hotel California
ABBI# 10005182
Page 93-167
ABBI# 10011687
DOB:  2/25/2019  
GDY 390
ABBI#  10127090  
GLC 467
ABBI#   10082276
GRC W145
ABBI# 10010856
Houdini 329
ABBI#  10001769
PPR Master Shi Fu
Shepherd Hills Sod Buster scores 45
points in bucking off Kody Lostroh
Renato Nunes vs. Shepherd Hills Sod Buster