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Marcia Bennett
Lot bsx_Dorman03
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Consigned by:
Brent Dorman
Phone: 903-390-5008

4 Yr Old  Pasture Exposed
Bones X Mossy Oak Mudslinger
ABBI#  10188692
DOB:    4/1/2015  
PPR 541
ABBI#  10103322
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
Stand Up CP 47
ABBI# 10002335
CP 114-10
ABBI# 10007095
GRC W145
ABBI#  10010856
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
MO 69
ABBI#  10002906
ABBI# 10188692
263 Bone Collector
ABBI# 10013953
This 4 yr old is sired by Bones, PBR World Champion Bucking Bull! He is a son of Bone Collector who has
several other sons with Probull stats. Bones's dam, TBB AS 13 is a daughter of
Whitewater Skoal,
PBR/NFR Finals Bull and proven sire.
Her dam, Page 644, is a daughter of Mossy Oak Mudslinger, PBR World Champion Bucking Bull and
proven sire. The maternal grand dam, Page 26-201 is a daughter of Copperhead, also a proven sire and
her dam is a daughter of Naccarato's Oscars Velvet.
DOB:   4/1/2015  
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#   10000755
Teague Breeding
ABBI#  10036480
ABBI#   10016510
Page 644
ABBI#  10042173
Page 26-201
ABBI#  10011708
37 Copperhead
ABBI# 10003518
Page 206 Alex
ABBI# 10024314
64 Pyscho
ABBI#  10048806
Ginny JC 81
ABBI# 10029572
Page 01
ABBI#  10008408
Mossy Oak Mudslinger
ABBI#  10006047
Page 590-228
ABBI#  10011635
Located in Centerville TX
She was Pastured Exposed to 133X High
Tensile from March 21-April 21st 2019
133X High Tensile
ABBI#  10124090
Sire: 88 Best Shot
ABBI#   10011967
Houdini 329 X DCBC Wanda K23

Dam: Page 201-170
ABBI#   10011737
715 Coppertop X Page 1-110
High Tensile is showing to be a producer. He has several
sons with Probull Stats.. His calves BUCK!
He is a son of
Best Shot, PBR/NFR Finals bull and a proven
producer. Best Shot is a son of
the number one sire in the industry, Houdini 329.
The paternal grand dam is one of the best cows for the D&H
program, Page 201-170.
201-170 is the mother to American Heritage Reserve Champ
61W Fire Show as well as 33S
Crosswalk and her most notable son PBR Finals Bucking Bull 53
Surefire! She is a daughter
of 715 Coppertop PBR/NFR Finals Bull and producer!
She was Pastured Exposed to Page 021 the
Next 30 days after High Tensile
Page 021
ABBI#  10124273
Sire: 37 Copperhead
ABBI#  10003518
Page Breeding X Page 36-109 ( Page Breeding)

Dam: Page 201-170
ABBI#  10011737
715 Copper Top X Page 1-110 ( Page Breeding)

He is sired by 37 Copperhead, PBR Finals Bull. He is Page
Breeding X Page 36-109. She is the dam also to:
36 Backlash Proven sire
36 Washita Jr.
His dam is a daughter of
715 Copper Top, PBR/NFR Finals
Bull and producing sire. He is a son of A6 also a producing sire.
She was Pastured Exposed to Page X17 the
Next 30 days after Page 021
Page X17
ABBI#   10124741
Sire: 009 Showtime
ABBI#   10022997
K 827 Wolfdancer X AR 009 ( Bodacious daughter)
Dam: Page 47-107
ABBI#   10011730
37 Copperhead X Page Breeding
He is a son of
Showtime PBR Finals Bull and producing
sire. Showtime's dam is a daughter of the legendary
His dam, page 47-107 is a daughter of
37 Copperhead,
PBR Finals Bull . She is also the dam to
Page 347 Crazy
Train PBR Finals Bull and producing sire!
This is a Yearling Son of this Cow